Minggu, 09 September 2012

First task - consumer behaviour class

Current trend today.

-hijabers. Aww so proudly that today many beautiful ladies is become a trendstter & hijab isnt become a barrier for they carrier.
Hijab is so popular now. Stylish , show modesty but for sure keep syar'i :)

-chiffon . Chiffon is become trending now especially in fashion. Mostly is made by chiffon. How pretty u are :D

-abaya syahrini. Heey, im sure that u all know with this something called dress for muslimah. it was born from syahrini idea and become so famous after her go back to indonesia after umrah.
dont be confused if every shop sell this kind of clothes

-twitter . just tweet and spread ur word, ur idea, think & what you feel right now. i think everybody have twitter and only a lil bit who have not. yep twitter is also a right place a right way to keep our relationship with others. not only our old friend but also the new one

-blogger. blogging.
heeey who crazy about with writing world? is totally interesting guys. you can add knowledge , enlarge ur link and also make our ability be better than before.

-youtubing. It xoxo interestong. Watching movies. watching tv program that you miss it. watching the videos from ur idol. or maybe you yourself who upload your video :--p

-sevel. seven eleven. this is the most favorite hangout place not only for teenagers but also the mature. huhu want slurpeee

-ciyus, cungguh, enelan, miapah. yeah today we r become the victim of sinetron dialogue. from sinetron to a daily life! gotcha.

-galau. everyday i'm galau-ing. most of young people do this everyday everynite. like kepo-in timeline gebetan, flashback masa lalu & soon and soon

-young entrepreneur. This is it. Now many people think that "kalo bisa sukses sejak muda kenapa enggak?" . And become young entrepreneur is one of the way for become a succeed one.

-wedges. This thing become the most favourite one for ladies to looks taller. Do u think the same?

-magnum gold. The advertisement of this product is similar to action movie. With their slogan good is gold, i hope the taste is extremely delicious.

Many things left. I'm promise. As soon as possible i will repair it:)))

Motivated to enter IPB

As we know, IPB is located in bogor. My hometown. So, i think that i have a better chance to be accepted on this university. Beside that, both of my parent is graduated from this university. And my course teacher also recommend me to thos university.
Nothong special. But hopefully me tersesat di jalan yang benar. Amiiiin.
Thats my story why i choose ipb, what'a yours? :)

Motivated to enter FEMA

Eventhough i'm a science student in senior high school. But my passion is growing up on social. I think social is different and interesting. Its more concern to our nearest problem as human. We straightly do action and not for spending our long time with theory.
I'm not strong enough in science. So that'a why in snmptn undangan i choose department from fema in my first, second and third choice. Life is choice. Choose you passion and life with it!:D

Motivated to enter IKK

Honestly, ikk is my last choice. But i'm not dissapointed with what i have today. Since i come and being part of it. I think this is my world. My place. My second home <3

interest topic
in fact there's many unique behavior that consumer do. extremely interesting to learn about it :-D

Jumat, 07 September 2012

Hi Blog!

iffahsari musyrifah's notes on consumer behaviour class

Lecturer : Prof Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan. MSC ( www.ujangsumarwan.blog.mb.ipb.ac.id )

Department of Family and Consumer Science college of Human Ecology Bogor Agricultural University

Semester Sept 2012 - Jan 2013 

Based on Consumer Behaviour Text Book by Ujang Sumarwan